04/10/2023 Alexander

Announcement: Document AI is finally here!

In the world of compliance, onboarding international clients, verifying, and translating data from documents in languages you don’t understand is costly, complex and takes a lot of time.

Our Document AI feature allows you to de-code, verify, ask questions and create summaries of submitted documents in other languages to English.

Document AI generates a detailed summary of a document including shareholders, directors, addresses, specific corporate orders from articles of association, and financial information to save you time, money and the complexity of translating and validating information.

Whether you need to quickly identify key stakeholders, understand the corporate structure, or extract specific financial metrics from financial reports, Document AI streamlines this process for you at the click of a button!

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we enable you to access precise and relevant financial information efficiently, enhancing your decision-making processes, compliance efforts, and overall operational effectiveness.

So, what type of questions would you ask our AI-assisted chat?

  • Provide a list of the key personnel
  • What date was this document released?
  • What type of activities does this business conduct?
  • List the main points from this document
  • Provide a description with numbers from the financial statement

Gatenox helps you secure new customers by spending up to 90% less time on document verification, further streamlining and improving your customer onboarding experience.

Get in touch to learn more about how Document AI can supercharge the way you work with corporate KYB for your international clients.

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