07/02/2023 Alexander

Ari10 signs up to Gatenox for corporate KYC

We are pleased to announce that Ari10 has signed up to use Gatenox as their corporate KYC provider for onboarding new clients.

Gatenox has been designed specifically with the Web3.0 era in mind and seeks to unlock its full potential for businesses. By combining the best of decentralised and centralised technologies, Gatenox is the fastest, most secure and reliable way to generate trust between businesses, organisations and regulated entities – by generating near real-time verification.

Ari10 provides the easiest Crypto-fiat gateway solution for B2B & B2C, and we are delighted that Gatenox will be used by their product & compliance team to deliver seamless and easy corporate KYC processes across all the products in the ecosystem.

About Ari10

Ari10 is a 5-year-old global crypto business with a range of products for B2B & B2C (Ari10 Gateway, Cryptoterminal, Payment institution, and others), mainly connecting the world of traditional finance with the crypto space. However, it all started in 2017 with Ari10 Exchange, which after a few years became the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Poland. They also operate the most significant number of physical points of sale. The company statement couldn’t be more clear – it’s “Crypto. Simplified.” Ari10 serves tens of thousands of customers and business partners and is now expanding worldwide.