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Coinchange + Gatenox

Coinchange + Gatenox

8 May, LONDON, UK – Coinchange and Gatenox
annoucing a partnership

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Coinchange and established a partnership to create and offer to the market the one-click AML/KYC solution for institutional and individual account opening that starts with the customer.

Coinchange, a growing investment firm in the CeDeFi (centralized decentralized finance) industry, in collaboration with Fireblocks and reviewed by Alkemi, have issued a new study identifying the growing benefits of investing in Crypto DeFi protocols.

Gatenox and Coinchange joined forces to provide complete corporate AML/KYC one-click onboarding to crypto and decentralized finance for traditional business.  

According to Bloomberg, big investors with some $100 trillion are getting crypto-curious. Somebody needs to help them seamlessly connect with crypto and bring them benefits of the new finance in a native way— and Gatenox & Coinchange aim to fill this gap.

Signing a partnership with a notable partner like Coinchange opens a new revenue stream for both parties allowing Coinchange and Gatenox to expand its client base and and revenue stream rapidly.

Current KYC/AML processes are far from optimal. They’re costly and ineffective. With Gatenox, customers will onboard once and use their data on multiple occasions—which will ultimately lower the costs to almost zero per user. And while the cost argument is a significant selling point, the Gatenox team seeks to focus intensely on conversion and data ownership. “We see customers dropping out of the process quite often. In most cases, it’s a cumbersome, boring sequence of steps that one has to execute on any given occasion. With Gatenox, we aim to significantly increase the conversion rate and provide customers with an incredible experience”, said Pawel Kuskowski, founder and CEO of Gatenox. “We want to build a platform with instant, frictionless onboarding for 350 million corporate clients and propose it as a better solution to over 30’000 regulated crypto companies and their users.”

About Coinchange


Founded in 2018, Coinchange Financials Inc. is an automated crypto wealth management platform. Coinchange automatically rebalances customer assets across 5 blockchains, 15 protocols, and 30 pools to deliver optimal yields. The company is based in Canada with entities around the world, including the US and Europe. The Coinchange app can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

About Gatenox

Gatenox is the one-click AML/KYC solution for institutional and individual account opening starts with the customer. Led by a former founder and CEO of Coinfirm, Pawel Kuskowski, Gatenox aims to become a go-to corporate onboarding identity node for exchanges, fintech companies, and banks.

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