08/11/2022 Alexander

Gatenox Hub Updates (November release)

The Gatenox Hub is a secure web-based application which streamlines your corporate KYC process. It requires no technical integration and is ready to use out of the box.

We have released the following new features this month:

Ability to have multiple companies associated to your user profile

To add a new company to your user profile, you can open the context menu in the upper right corner and click on the “Add company” button. You will be guided to follow the same process as you did to add your first company.

Extended verification checks

The sanctions check, included in a standard subscription, involves verification of individuals and companies on the internal sanctions list. This currently includes the OFAC database.

If you need to verify individuals and companies against a myriad of sanction lists, PEP, and criminal watchlists, you can buy additional search credits by selecting an entity on directors, UBOS and company structure tabs. They will be added to the entity’s verification basket on the right side of the webpage.

Settings tab

Settings can be accessed using the “Settings” tab on the side menu pane on the left or by clicking on the “Manage your account” button in the upper right corner.

The settings tab consists of an account information section for you to review your personal data and a company information section for you to update the following company profile information:

  • company logo used in portal and email within communication process,
  • services description, a short description of your services, available for future users to get familiar with your business activity
  • referral code, which you are able to choose to fulfill your requirements.

You can also check your credit balance and see which fields are mandatory for every user you verify.