20/07/2022 Alexander

Gatenox is pleased to announce that it is ramping up its management team and preparing for US entry

20th July 2022, LONDON, UK
Gatenox is pleased to announce that it is ramping up its management team and preparing for US entry. Gatenox, the one-click AML/KYC solution for institutional account opening that starts with the customer, is ramping up its team to prepare for growth.

‘The current stage of the market clearly shows a dramatically increasing need for proper compliance and AML/CTF. Regulators are going after every part of the crypto market, and existing AML/CTF solutions are not suitable for this market to sustain growth.
— Pawel Kuskowski, co-founder and CEO of Gatenox.

‘Gatenox aims to become a go-to corporate onboarding identity node for exchanges, fintech companies, and banks. There is an exciting market play with identity solutions and verified credentials and the zero-knowledge proof aspect of technology.
— Wojciech Zatorski, co-founder and COO of Gatenox. – Gatenox is well prepared technologically to take part in this play.

Additions to the team bring access to critical markets, including the US.

Steen Sorensen

Part-time CFO

“With this first round of financing underway, Gatenox is well prepared to offer an affordable SaaS digital workflow solution to the costly and time-consuming KYB/AML compliance processes in the crypto world. My goal is to prepare Gatenox for subsequent financing rounds and, in due course, hand the financial department over to a full-time CFO.”

Steen started his career as an investment banker at Credit Suisse First Boston and Merrill Lynch and later worked as the VP and CFO of the fast-growing €1.5 billion B2B division of Liberty Global. Steen holds a master’s degree in engineering from the technical university of Denmark and a doctorate in management from Imperial College Management School at London University. He has completed executive training courses in management, finance and M&A at Insead in France, IMD in Switzerland, and Columbia in the US.

Steen is also the founding partner of VarsoGroup, which focuses on providing advice to the founders of SaaS companies raising venture capital or selling their companies to growth investors. Steen is an expert in SaaS reporting, business models, pitch decks, fundraising, term sheets, and M&A.

Carol Van Cleef


Carol Van Cleef is a lawyer and consultant who has focused on anti-money laundering and sanctions compliance for more than 20 years. As a lawyer, she chairs the law firm’s blockchain and digital assets practice. She is the founder and CEO of the Luminous Group, LLC. providing strategic consulting services and training related to cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, NFTs, CBDCs and a variety of other crypto-assets. She is a director of BTCS, a public company, sits on the board of the Travel Rule Information Sharing Alliance (TRISA) and serves as an advisor to several fintech and compliance-related ventures. She is the director of the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain AML Summit at the Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crimes (She is a certified anti-money laundering specialist (ACAMS)). Forbes named Carol to its inaugural “50 over 50” (Investment) in 2021, and she is a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation.

Raf Demczuk


Raf Demczuk, a consultant in a central London boutique litigation law firm, has been involved in high-value litigation, advising clients on IP and sanctions/compliance issues with a particular focus on digital assets. He has served as an advisor to the Embassy of Vietnam in London and advises a leading UK-based investment group managing a significant investment portfolio in property, technologies and funds. He is part of the UK Smart Data Think Tank.