06/03/2023 Alexander

Gatenox partners with MWek Solutions

Gatenox partners with MWek Solutions

We are pleased to announce that Gatenox is partnering with MWek Solutions to deliver cutting edge Corporate KYC and Know Your Business (KYB) services. The combination of product and service brings the strongest proposal for web3 and crypto businesses.

Gatenox has been designed specifically with the Web3.0 era in mind and seeks to unlock its full potential for businesses and aims to become the fastest, most secure and reliable way to generate trust between businesses, organisations and regulated entities – by generating near real-time verification.

MWek Solutions regularly partners with reliable, industry leading digital asset businesses to streamline operational processes and reduce risk. We are delighted that Gatenox will be used by their industry leading team of compliance, risk and operations professionals to deliver best in class corporate KYC processes.

About MWek Solutions

MWek Solutions have created the most effective, efficient and affordable regulatory suite utilising people and technology. The offer was born out of a pressing global need within Digital Assets, FinTech, Payments and Financial Institutions within regulation and risk.

MWek Solutions have built an industry leading team of compliance, regulation, risk and operations professionals, the RiskPod* can be deployed at scale in a matter of days.

The RiskPod community produces vetted, qualified, ready-to-work individuals and teams at all levels of seniority across onboarding, regulation and risk, KYC, AML, and transaction monitoring utilising industry leading technology, industry specialists and expert team management. This ensures client businesses are compliant, hold clean data and can report across all compliance operations transparently, removing risk and ensuring peace of mind. The RiskPod will become the largest global community on earth for professionals in this space.