06/06/2023 Alexander

Gatenox partners with SMART-compliance GmbH

Gatenox is thrilled to announce our partnership with SMART-compliance GmbH, bringing an innovative Corporate KYC and Know Your Business (KYB) solution to the Swiss market.

In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape with the advent of web3 technology, we recognize the critical need for a cutting-edge KYC solution tailored to institutional clients. Gatenox is purpose-built for the Web3.0 era, empowering businesses to unlock their full potential and establish trust with ease. Our goal is to be the fastest, most secure, and reliable way to generate near real-time verification, revolutionizing trust-building between organizations and regulated entities.

SMART-compliance GmbH, a renowned Swiss consulting firm represented by the esteemed Ekaterina Anthony and partners, including Maxim Kon, is fully committed to supporting Gatenox in adapting compliance, KYC, and KYB approaches and services for industry participants.

“We strongly believe in assisting leading digital asset businesses and fintech startups in streamlining operational processes and mitigating risk,” says Ekaterina Anthony of SMART-compliance GmbH. “We see Gateox’s advanced KYC/KYB solution as an essential tool for every financial intermediary and business involved in customer onboarding.”

This partnership represents a significant step forward in providing next-level compliance solutions to meet the needs of the evolving financial ecosystem. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we revolutionize the way businesses establish trust in the digital age!

About SMART-compliance GmbH

SMART-compliance GmbH, a Swiss-based consulting company, excels in regulatory compliance and optimizing business structures. Our expertise lies in assisting clients to meet rigorous regulatory standards and establish robust foundations. The key to success lies in implementing impeccable procedures from the start, and our forte lies in navigating businesses through the intricate compliance landscape. Our bespoke services encompass legal compliance, data protection, quality management, financial reporting, and beyond. Discover more at www.smart-compliance.ch.

Ekaterina Anthony and Maxim Kon, representing Gatenox in Switzerland through SMART-compliance GmbH, bring exceptional industry expertise and extensive networks within the financial and Web3 sectors. Notably, they serve as Board Members of the renowned Crypto Valley Association in Zug. Their leadership is backed by a wealth of experience, making them invaluable assets in navigating the dynamic landscape of financial market, digital assets and blockchain technology.

To learn more about their professional backgrounds, please visit their profiles on LinkedIn:

Ekaterina Anthony 
Maxim Kon