18/04/2023 Alexander

Gatenox receives a grant from Aleph Zero

We are pleased to announce that Gatenox has received a grant from the Aleph Zero Ecosystem Funding Program to integrate Corporate KYC (known as KYB) into the Aleph Zero ecosystem.

At Gatenox, our mission is to unlock the gateway to corporate onboarding and become the ultimate corporate KYC solution for web3. This grant enables us to kickstart our integration with the Aleph Zero ecosystem, a perfect environment for our identity services with the ecosystem’s focus on privacy, enterprise features, and fast transactions. Gatenox aims to create a safe and compliant environment for corporate entities to onboard and utilize the Aleph Zero ecosystem with ease, revolutionizing the way KYC compliance is achieved in web3 and making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

We are thrilled about this opportunity and confident that our collaboration with Aleph Zero will deliver groundbreaking solutions to the blockchain community.

About Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero is a privacy-enhancing public blockchain. Based on an original peer reviewed consensus protocol and an integration with the Substrate stack, it solves the shortcomings of current distributed ledger technology platforms: speed, validation time, scalability, and security.

With wide-range of potential applications, Aleph Zero is a public blockchain with privacy-preserving framework in the form of ZK and MPC-powered Liminal. This allows enterprises to build decentralized projects that benefit from the speed and security of a public DLT platform while still being able to preserve the privacy of their transactions.