06/09/2022 Alexander

GATENOX speaks at 39th International Symposium on Economic Crime at Cambridge University

The 39th Cambridge Symposium on Economic Crime draws over 600 experts from around the world to address the concerns of:

  1. Selling status – insider crime and abuse of trust;
  2. Sanctions and the use of AI.

Prominent speakers:

  1. Director of Public Prosecutions, England and Wales, Mr Max Hill QC;
  2. Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Vincent Keaven;
  3. Chairman of the Justice Select Committee, UK Parliament, Sir Robert Neill MP;
  4. Attorney General of Singapore, Mr Lucien Wong;
  5. Director, Serious Fraud Office, Ms Lisa Osfosky;
  6. former Attorney General of England and Wales, Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC PC.

Gatenox’s Carol Van Cleef, US Market, Head of Industry Liaison is chairing the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain AML Summit at Jesus College, University of Cambridge.

The Summit brings together thought leaders globally to address the challenges of economic crime confronting Virtual Asset Service Providers, Policymakers, Law Enforcement, Technology Providers and Others Working with Cryptocurrencies and Distributed Ledger Technologies.

At the same time, existing legal and regulatory structures are challenged in unprecedented ways. The summit seeks to address how we can balance globally the immense positive aspects of these technological developments with existing laws, regulations and expectations to deter economic crimes and criminal abuse of financial systems.

Gatenox CEO, Paweł Kuskowski, spoke on Cryptocurrency’s current landscape which provided an overview of technology solutions emerging to address the avenues of economic crime that may be opened by these developments, including blockchain analytic tools and KYC/KYB and identity management tools. He also contributed to the panel regarding a whole new world, addressing how this technology continues to evolve and emerging issues that are most likely to be the next frontiers for law enforcement and compliance professionals.

Gatenox COO, Wojciech Zatorski, contributed to the panel on DeFi’s promises and challenges and the efforts within the defi community to adapt technology to address compliance issues and the potential for zero knowledge proofs to provide privacy preserving sanction screening.

Gatenox Head of Regulatory Affairs, Raf Demczuk, joined various regulatory bodies including representatives from The White House and ex- US Secret Service, to explore the current efforts of governments globally to address the challenges presented by the growing number of cryptoassets, including the initiatives of Financial Action Task Force with respect to Virtual Assets Services Providers (VASPS) and the Travel Rule, the new sanctions regimes, and regulation of securities and utility tokens, DeFi, NFTs and stablecoins, against the backdrop of heightened awareness of systemic risks that may be associated with them.