The Gatenox Hub

We’ve designed a singular platform that makes corporate KYC easier for both verifiers and their customers.


Compliance Cloud

Make better decisions when onboarding customers and assessing risk.

As a verifier, the Gatenox Hub automates the processing of corporate KYC data from customers with the Compliance Cloud solution.

Ownership graph

Accelerate the assessment of a customer’s ownership structure with our powerful visual representation tool which will give you a comprehensive overview in just one glance.

UBO discovery

Identify the ultimate beneficial owner-controlled roles and the responsibilities of the team members in the ownership structure as required in certain jurisdictions.

Web3-native risk assessment

Run blockchain analytics for customer wallet verification and transaction monitoring that assesses risk by using the most comprehensive model in the largest attributes database.

Screening and real-time monitoring

Identify potential concerns with customers and their ownership structure with qualified data covering 192 jurisdictions, all necessary sanctions lists, PEP, and negative news verification.

Direct customer communications

Chat with customers in real-time enabling them to count on your compliance officers to quickly and easily share information, ask questions, and resolve issues.

Audit trail

Capture historical information to ensure that both parties can demonstrate full compliance with local jurisdictions.

Team KYC

Perform unlimited verifications and sanction checks for customer directors and UBOs to ensure that your business is safe from criminal activities.

AI-assisted corporate KYC

Streamline the due diligence process with LLM tools that assist with data collection and analysis by:

Crawling the web to check for anything from office locations to overall sentiment.
Checking registry data for potential risk factors such as unusual business structures.
Summarizing, translating, and matching data in important customer documents.

ID Node

Offer customers an easy path to onboarding that will improve your business development.

Working with Gatenox Hub lets your customers submit reusable corporate KYC data with the ID Node solution.

One-click onboarding

Save time for existing users with a one-click onboarding option where they only provide data once and are able to reuse it with any verifier using the Gatenox Hub across web2 and web3.

Onboarding wizard

Guide new customers through every step of the way with a mobile-compatible and fast-loading onboarding experience that pre-fills their corporate KYC forms with publicly-available data.

Optimized for any device

Offer a mobile-friendly option for customers looking to submit their corporate KYC data conveniently from their smartphone or tablet and still enjoy a seamless experience.

Build for web3

Participate in web3 ecosystems including DeFi and CeFi by connecting your wallet address to your corporate identity while still maintaining your privacy.

Data security

Reassure customers on the privacy of their corporate data by working with a solution that is compliant with GDPR, SOC2, and ISO27001.

Gatenox API

Gatenox Hub users can also interact with the platform as verifiers through an API.

Access powerful integration capabilities, including:

  • Real-time notifications
  • Automated account creation
  • Data downloads
  • Risk factor updates

The Gatenox API will be expanded to include plugins for HubSpot, Salesforce, other CRMs, and various platforms that will integrate with our system.

Don’t Just Take
Our Word For It…

Arthur D. Middlemiss

From my experience, a solution like Gatenox would be very helpful in streamlined AML/KYC onboarding process, allowing us to focus on the most complex cases and imminently increase efficiency of our compliance effort.

Partner at Lewis Baach Kaufmann Middlemis

Dr Daniel Baeriswyl

The promise of having fast (from 6 weeks down to 1 min) and secure KYB makes Gatenox a potential rockstar amongst onboarding providers.

CEO Science Bnk

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