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The business ID market is ready for disruption

An investor bullish on the future of cryptocurrency could invest in the stocks of companies working on that technology.
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Current proprietary

• Centralized platforms
• Non-standard and manual data requirements
• Reactive ID verification checks
• Broad purpose (B2C / B2B ; Old / New Economy)

mining bitcoin

Unmatched by the new
collaborative approach

• Decentralized platform
• Fit for purpose digital subsets of broader data sets
• Proactive creation and maintenance of ID wallets
• New digital economy with a focus on B2B

Modular access to
annual spend start-up

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Solution for the business

  1. Information for each of your legal entities
  2. Your data will be pre-verified to be complete and to comply with anti-money laundering rules
  3. You get to maintain your company easily 
  4. We make it simple for you to create an electronic ID wallet and shareholder structures 
  5. ID wallet so that it is always ready for use
  6. Keep the history of all the companies that you have shared data with
  7. The data in your ID wallet is secure
  8. Quickly and with no friction onboard to any crypto business with your pre-verified company ID wallet

Solution for the
crypto platform

  1. We provide structured and pre-verified information needed for your KYB process.
  2. Automate and streamline the KYB information request interactions to reduce onboarding frustration and time to transact
  3. Automate and simplify bulk requests
  4. Get access to a large number of businesses looking to trade.
  5. We work alongside your existing partners to reduce the cost of CDD and potential AML fines so that you can focus on increasing your trading float
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The value proposition
for a business

  1. Follow automated digital workflows
  2. Reduce human errors and dependencies
  3. Save time and therefore costs
  4. Make the process a low-cost admin task
  5. Increase digitization and digital processes
  6. Take control of data and reduce switching costs

The value proposition for a crypto exchange

  1. Reduce onboarding churn
  2. Shorten time to first trade
  3. Reduce CDD expenses
  4. Reduce risk of AML fines
  5. Access a large pool of potential customers
  6. Reduce dependency on anyone’s CDD partner
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