09/01/2023 Alexander

The Gatenox Hub’s best time-saving features

The Gatenox Hub is a secure web-based application which streamlines your corporate KYC process. It requires no technical integration and is ready to use out of the box.

Here are some time-saving features that we’ve incorporated:

Graphical structure for corporate ownership

Providing corporate ownership information can be cumbersome in the traditional corporate KYC process so the Gatenox Hub easily lets you visualize your entire corporate ownership structure to increase transparency. All you need to do is add the individual or entity on the left hand side and we automatically represent them in a graphical format on the right hand side. It is also easy to add the underlying shareholder information for various entities and this is instantly represented graphically on the right hand side. This can speed up the verification process because the verifier can view all your corporate ownership information in one place.

Pre-filled information for company details

Inputting your company details can become cumbersome after a while, especially if you are undergoing a lot of corporate KYC processes. The Gatenox Hub shortens this process by integrating information from various corporate registry sources around the globe. All you need to do is pick your region and enter your company registration number and we will pre-fill all the publicly available information into the Gatenox Hub so that you don’t have to enter these manually, speeding up your data entry process.

Send data in 1-click 

Filling in the same corporate KYC details for multiple applications results in a lot of duplicated work. With the Gatenox Hub, once you’ve submitted your data for one corporate KYC process, it stores your data so that you can use it for another application for any of the companies under ‘Other Gatenox Partners’. In this case, submission will involve 1-click, saving you a lot of time and boring administrative work.