26/07/2023 Alexander

Zero Knowledge Proofs in Digital Asset Technology

Pawel Kuskowski talks to Adam Gagol, CTO and Co-Founder of Aleph Zero.

After getting tired with the lack of practical applications in academia, Adam started Aleph Zero to apply his mathematical skills to the digital assets and blockchain space. Adam thinks that the road to mass adoption of digital assets is much further than 5 years because there are technical and usability barriers still in place. On the technical side, one big drawback of decentralized systems is the lack of privacy.

Adam thinks that zero knowledge proofs is a way forward to solve the privacy and scalability issues of blockchains. Zero knowledge allows one to selectively reveal information from a big bucket of data. For example, you can reveal that you are over 18 without revealing the date of birth.

For anti-money laundering in the digital asset space, there can theoretically be a proof of innocence to verify that the user or wallet has not interacted with criminal activity.